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Update your skills with SkillUp Broome!

Learning online is an effective and convenient way to enhance your skills. With SkillUp Broome, which uses the Metrix Learning platform, you will have access to self-paced, expert approved training for 180 days! Speak to any Broome-Tioga Workforce NY staff to learn how to sign up or register at the SkillUp Broome website.

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Available programs listed in the Metrix Catalog (no login needed).

Why Metrix Learning?

Employers wants skilled, self-motivated employees. Metrix Learning allows you to manage your own online training program! Over 4,500 courses are provided by Skillsoft, the training provider for more than half the Fortune 500 companies. Pass your courses with 80% or higher to earn a certificate of completion displaying your name, the course title, and the Skillsoft logo. You can download and print certificates to bring on interviews to show employers you have the skills they’re looking for!

Metrix Learning Tools

Metrix has courses in business, desktop, IT, healthcare, and more! Search the catalog for any topics, or use the Getting Started tools to build your learning plan!

Inside Metrix

Getting Started

Follow these 3 steps to learn the system, begin your course work and get started on your new career with Metrix Learning 3.0.

  1. Explore Pathways: Begin by exploring and selecting an industry pathway.
  2. Learn: Browse the catalog for tracks of courses to develop your skills.
  3. Find a Job: Find jobs in your area.

Certifications in areas, such as:

  • Microsoft Office            
  • QuickBooks
  • Administrative Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Customer Service
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Sales/ Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Information Tech
  • 100s more!

iDisponible en español!

  • Explore Pathways: Rate your skills and find comprehensive training for over 200 occupations
  • Skill Track: Select a bundle of courses targeting a specific skill. Choose from over 300!
  • Find a Job: See what skills are required by employers in your area to help you decide which courses to take

BONUS: Industry Certification Tracks!

Interested in becoming certified? Metrix has all-inclusive training for over 100 certifications including Microsoft Office Specialist, CompTIA, Cisco, Project Management, Human Resources, & more!

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